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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Merry Christmas, Everyone! (I'm blocking centerfielders out of my mind)

In this time of giving (which, at least for one team to the south of here, is also a time for taking), I would like to wish all my viewers a safe and merry Christmas and a happy brand-new year. (For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, have a great day off anyway!) December 25 also carries special significance in the baseball world as it is one of just three days in the entire year that the Baseball Hall of Fame is closed. (The other two are Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.) Remember, there's still winter ball and the World Baseball Classic to keep us busy in the off-season. Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2005



The Hot Stove really started to heat up when the Red Sox reportedly signed Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington, both natives of my home state New Hampshire, to share the powers and responsibilities of general manager, with the possibility of Theo returning to an advisory position. To the best of my knowledge, we have never had a two-man GM like this before. (Any baseball historian who knows otherwise, please post a comment with the details. Upon verification, I will post it in the main article and credit you if you so desire.) I can see potential "de-generalization" of "general" management, where one GM focuses on duties as they pertain to on-field performance, collaborating with the other, who primarily concerns himself with the business of baseball. Then again, maybe these two new guys will simply be "talking heads" for Theo, who will be the brains behind the club when he comes back. As I have said countless times in the past, only time will tell...

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