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Tuesday, June 28, 2005



On the field, Pedro Martinez was an excellent pitcher. However, there are two parts to being a big-leaguer (or any professional athlete, for that matter): the game itself and the player's behavior off the field. Some of Pedro's locker room remarks were unacceptable. According to one report, Martinez said that the Sox signed Schilling to replace him because of skin color. Not true! Explain Ortiz and Ramirez, then! We offered him a contract and he chose to sign with the Mets. That's that!
I am a Red Sox fan, I have always been one, and I will always be one, and I have always despised the Yankees and always will, and I never thought I would say this, but... HEY PEDRO! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Schilling Doing Well, Sox Sweep Phillies

The Red Sox stuck it to the Phillies this weekend with a 3-game sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies in interleague play, even though they didn't have ace pitcher Curt Schilling to help them... YET. Schilling is on the verge of returning to the rotation, hoping to be back by thr All-Star break. The Red Sox surprisingly have some roots with the Phillies. Terry Francona once managed for the Phillies, and Schilling set a record for most strikeouts in a season with a whopping 319 Ks back in 1997 with the Phillies!

Saturday, June 18, 2005



It has been one hundred two years since the Pittsburg Pirates have played ball against the Red Sox in Boston. They last played the Sox (who at that time were still the Boston Americans) on October 13th, 1903. That's a long, long time ago. How long ago? Well, here are some stats to put things into perspective...

There were 45 states in the Union

The president was Theodore Roosevelt

The Fall Classic was in its 1st year

Fenway Park wasn't to be for another 9 years!

So, last night was the first time the Pittsburg Pirates have ever played at Fenway Park! (Before 1912, the Sox played at the Huntington Avenue Base Ball Grounds.)

And we still beat them!

Thursday, June 02, 2005



Check this out! The New York Yankees are up to more than just baseball. Not only is George Steinbrenner an unwise spender, he's a convicted felon. You heard me right. This is NOT a joke.
Check out the proof here.

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